I’ve always loved spending time in nature. It makes me feel a fullfilled sense of calm and peace, coupled with an intense awareness of being a part of something bigger than myself. Hiking is a pretty good way to stay in nature. Not only calms us; but it also deepens our connection to our surroundings.  
In these days I have realised that I am working too hard and almost don't pause between activities. As a result, I recognised that I was carriying the stress of a previous activity or sets of thoughts over into what I was about to do. So I decided to go more natural place for practising it.  
Before setting off on my hike, I took a few moments to allow myself to come into the present moment with helps of deep and slow breaths. I felt that it brought my mind and body back into a state of balance. Then I started hiking. While hiking, I looked up and explored the sky such as the patterns in the clouds. Then I looked down and noticed shadows, patterns and textures on the ground.  
When I found a suitable place, I sat down for a moment to discover my around.
As a kid who learns everything from the beginning, I looked closely at each object that catches my attention, such as a flower or a bug. I gently observed its unique features and details. I allowed myself to become really curious about what I am looking at. I tried to save each of them on my mind. Then I continued my walk with mindful breathing and turned back to city.

Two days later after my return, it was pretty interesting for me still remembering many detailed scenes from my hiking trip. Also I felt more aware about recognizing details, seems like it increased my vision. I can say that It was an awasome and utilitarion relaxation ♻️👟🐛🌺 
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Mindfulness is a different experience than meditation. Meditation helps calm our minds and bodies. On the other hand, mindfulness helps us be 'in the moment' and experience the world around us. The way of mindful healing is like paying attention moment to moment to what's happening within and around us without judgment. When we attend to the moment to moment flow of experience and recognize what's happening, fully allowing it, not adding judgment or commentary, then we are cultivating a mindful awareness. 🦋#mindfullife #mindfulness #mindfuliving#mindfulhealing #helpyourself#feedingsoul #withoutthoughts#meditation

Even though we regularly visit our internal reality on a mental level, we may repeat it many times to return to our known illusions when it is time to change our attitudes and behaviors. Change requires leaving the comfort zone and that is frightening in itself. A desire to feel safe without taking any responsibility leads only more internal conflicts; because change does not promise any safety even if it creates excitement at its core. The way to feel free and alive again require to act spontaneously by taking care of our needs right now and here. Just like a bird that is changing position according to the headwind and then placing on the wave of the sea softly when the right moment comes...💨🌞🌊🐦

Mindfulness is when we are truly there, mind and body together. Also it means effortlessness. As we don’t need to make an effort to breath, we don't work to be mindful. We just become aware of life, ourselves and others. Furthermore, the energy of mindfulness carries the energy of concentration in it.  
Today I mindfully watched animals and saw the natural awareness on their behaviours. Their reactions to every different variable occurs in here and now contained responds their immediate needs. When they heard a sound while they were playing, they looked up the place where the sound came from and then they were returning back to the game when they felt safe again. It was basic, natural and pretty simple. 😎 


Think of a moment in your life when you were so involved in what you were doing that the rest of the world and also time seemed to have disappeared. Your mind wasn't full of thoughts and you were totally focused and concentrated on that activity. Only when you came out of the experience, you realise how much time had actually passed and you may be surprised the amount of it. This is the phenomenon of flow that Csikszentmihalyi was investigated. In this state of mind, the awareness of self is not present and there is almost total absence of emotions during the actual process.  
While I was making stained glass, this was exactly how I felt. I felt that everything goes smoothly in a flow. Time passed too fast. At the end of it, this heart figure made of glass was produced as you see in the picture. 
While flow is a definitely a part of mindfulness, it is important to note that mindfulness does not mean flow. Flow occurs when a person is aware of his or her actions but is not being aware of his or her awareness. On the other hand, mindfulness is viewed not as the achievement of any particular state, but as intentional awareness of what is, plus being aware of awareness. 
Csikszentmihaly says that: "Enjoyable activities that produce flow have a potentially negative effect: while they are capable of improving the quality of existence by creating order in the mind, they can become addictive, at which point the self becomes captive of a certain kind of order, and is then unwilling to cope with the ambiguities of life." Taking into account all of these, it is important to learn how we can manage the flow: using it to enhance life, yet being able to let go when necessary. There is no doubt that staying mindful is a good way to balance it. ✌🏻☺️ #mindfulness #mindfuliving #awareness #mindfullife #flowexperience #flowstate#flowstateofmind #stainedglass #stainedglassart #heartfigure #colourfulart#jadestainedglass


  • For mindful living, experiencing the now, recognizing it, and being non-judgmental in the process is pretty enough. But sometimes you may recognise your need of awakening effect of the air change. That may sounds pretty cool if you have a chance to have your trip glamourize with one of your hobbies includes art. With this inspiring combination I know that I can stand for a whole lot less inner dialogue 'commentary'. Just for this irresistible attraction of mindlessness, I went out of the city I lived a few days ago. While I was enjoying organic foods and fresh air in the stone house of our family friends, I also made stained glass in their atelier. I can readily say that making stained glass inside a soothing ambience can provide you with hours of satisfaction. 🌈👜🌲☀️🥒🍋🥕👩🏻‍🎨🏡#mindfulness #mindfuliving #mindlessness #trip #stonehouse #organicfood#stainedglass #stainedglassart #stainedglassstudio #stainedglasskitchen#familyfriends #gooutofthecity #freshair #stayingmindful #nowandhere


Life doesn't involve happy ending stories every time. After breaking up of a compelling relationship or death of loved one, after a while you start to see repeating patterns of current ending and previous ones. In fact, end of the relationship, even deaths, bring great teachings too.You become to see yourself mirrored back through the eyes of others. Your relationships inform you about yourself and often shape who you are and who you are to become. Despite this, your emotions sometimes do not accompany to speed of your decisions. In another contex of another moment you may inevitably come across your uncompleted mourning. Sometimes, the relationship ends but the feeling remains. As if, it seems like you exposed to excess hot water to your wool coat and then the lining hung down from your coat. In such circumstances, it is necessary to let emotions free with expressing them. Last night, I sat down a seat in a quiet place. First, I had deep and long breathes and then I started to tell my feelings and my thoughts vocally. With every words I expressed and with every words my ears heard from outside; I felt much more relaxed and I felt much more completed. Don't forget, healing does not mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer control our lives. 🙏🏻
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Imperfection and death are a part of the natural rhythm of the universe. Being at the nature mindfully helps us gain the ability to accept the natural flow of life. Also accepting our own flaws and growing older indirectly. Sometimes when we are at the nature we hear the rhythm and our spirit begins to dance automatically. These are worthful times for not to miss the oppurtunity of resignation by staying here and now. Last weekend I experienced it and today I did my meditation with that sound of waterfall I recorded that day. I can say that these days feeling of peace and joy has moved here and now. #mindfulweekend #mindfulsunday#mindfuldayeveryday #watertheraphy#waterfall #meditationmusic #indanature#survivormode #trekkingintheforest#stillgotsnow


We are organisms who try to reach the pleassure in the fastest way. Also we have been taught that more is better by the system. Fast food and industrialized meal solutions changed how we eat by reducing effort and then reducing it some more. More calories, less effort, what more an organism desire! But later with illnesses (such as cancer) triggered by malnutrition, people became conscious and began to move towards healthier foods. At last ancient doctrines and philosophy have also entered into the business and as a concept "culinary mindfulness" was born. Actually less is better now if we are talking about cooking. As an evidence, scientologists have been publishing lots of articles about food addiction. That's way as a result, too many people now see high sugar/fat foods and drinks as seductive enemies rather than potentially satisfying friends. Culinary mindfulness is a simple way to change these unhealthy habits mind. Yes, simple is the best but definetely not the easiest (Especially if there is a bakery emitting appetizing smells close to your home 😅). It can still be said that I resisted well by mindfully cooking home made healthy foods today!✌🏻😉💪🏻🌶🍆🥒🥕🥗
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I have been thinking how mindfulness can help us get and stay more motivated since yesterday. It’s not easy to embrace the here and now. Most of times we focus too much thinking on past negative experiences or on the future with a desire to control it. This is not good either, as we can’t predict it all. It is important to know what target we really want and know mistakes that we had done before while trying to reach it for not to do the same next time. But at the same time, we need to focus on today- what small steps are we going to take today? Actually we don’t need to wait till we know all the things gonna happen. We can learn new things in the process of doing new things with mindful awareness in here and now. Today while I was working on my new training programme, I focused on the now and the current step, and when it has done, I moved on to the next one. Just one thing at the time. After I reached my daily goals I didn't miss to congratulate myself with a nice cup of coffee and dessert with one of my friends. ✌🏻🙆🏻☕️
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